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How to choose an SEO Services Company?

How to choose an SEO Services Company?

If you are serious about getting some love from Google, you need to be wary of some warning signs when you look for an SEO Company.

Here’s a full list of factors you should consider when shortlisting best SEO Companies:

1.Self Promotion

When you look for SEO agencies online or ask among friends and shortlist some, observe their self-promotion style.

How aggressive is their self-promotion strategy? What’s their content strategy? Do they have a blog? Is it mediocre or exceptionally good? Do you see the company ads on every billboard in your city? Are they running online advertising campaigns?

If yes, all this will culminate in two scenarios:

Scenario one: The agency has a separate team for self-promotion that handles content, marketing, advertising and website upkeep. So, they probably have a large marketing team.

Scenario two: They are out of clients and are pushing all of their energy towards acquiring new clients.

Either way, you can tell that they are focusing real efforts on self promotion.

Rand Fishkin mentioned in his WhiteBoard Friday video that the websites that show up on the first page of Google may not be the best.

But it sure is an example of their own digital marketing abilities that they are ranking on top.

So weigh your options, evaluate the self-promotion strategy to get an idea of their overall approach towards marketing.

2.Testimonials and Reviews

Thanks to Google reviews, Yelp reviews and thousands of other local, global and national reviewing and directory platforms, it’s now easy to smear anyone.

The opposite is just as true. If you can write a fake negative review, you can also post a fake positive review.

But there’s way of identifying the fake reviews.

Look for details. Compose a review yourself and notice the points that you cared to mention. Look for them in the posted reviews.

Also, evaluate the writing style of the reviews. If they sound well-composed and flawless, they were probably either written by a gifted author or an author paid to write them.

But there are websites like Better Business Bureau, Ripoff report, etc where you can look for complaints.

You can also check if the names mentioned in Testimonials are just first names or give links to their website or a social profile.

Fake testimonials mostly rely on stock images and fake first names. So, you will probably come across the images on Google.


The best way of finding recommendation worthy companies is through referrals.

If you have friends or connections who have used SEO services before, ask them for advice and recommendations.

4.Goals, Communication Style and Reports

Before you hire an agency, you need to clarify what your goals are.

Once you are clear about the goals, start approaching companies and evaluate how they like to report and whether or not they are open about their processes.

Specifically ask how do they aim to fulfil the goals you set for your website’s SEO and if you don’t’ get a satisfactory answer, keep looking.

Run if someone says that their techniques are confidential or secret.

It’s important that the company shares your interests and is 100% transparent, regular and sincere about communicating and reporting.

5.Company Story

This isn’t a dealmaker or breaker but it’s worth asking.

Ask the companies you shortlist what they learnt by working with the clients they claimed to have worked with. Ask about their company story, their personal stories, how they ended up in digital marketing, what their argument is for SEO, what SEO gurus did they learn from, are they SEO gurus themselves or not, etc.

Finding more about the company’s story will help you get insight into the character of the company. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t possess conviction.

Somebody who really believes in the power of digital marketing will give you a fitting response and win you over with a logical argument.

It’s a lot like interviewing candidates for a job and asking why should we hire you and what’s your story?

6.Budget and Fees

The biggest dealmaker is budget.

Be clear about what your budget is and set out a ‘can afford up to’ limit.

If you are in Los Angeles and want a Los Angeles based company to work on your company’s local SEO then you may have to pay several thousands of dollars.

But if you have budget constraints, you can outsource SEO from countries like India, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

SEO Corporation: A family of innovators and visionaries

“You can accuse us of chutzpah but we are really just guilty of being passionate for SEO and web design. We have been at it for 8 years and have no desire of taking a break.

SEO Corporation belongs to the SEO nerds, Code worms and Design geeks.”

Back in 2011, two friends started a company called SEO Corporation from their living room. The capital wasn’t strong but their determination was.

5 months later, hard work of 16 hours a day, hundreds of masala chai, long discussions, and numerous proposals paid off. We signed our first client. Seven years later, we are still tight.

Ours is a weird story of brotherhood, vision, determination, and hard work.

Back when we started, we didn’t imagine we’d grow so fast. But within just a year, we were operating out of an office with a team of 45!

We never started SEO Corporation as an experiment. We never had a backup. We didn’t know what we’d do if the idea failed. The good part is that it didn’t.

We failure-proofed ourselves. Our success wasn’t by sheer chance.

And we hope to keep the company alive for many decades and centuries to come.

We aren’t bragging but we have launched businesses, we have made careers!

SEO Corporation is a family of like-minded innovators who believe in nurturing talent, creativity and invention.

We want to transform the world. Yes, we are a business and we work to turn a profit but that’s not why we exist. Our mission is to bring about a revolution in the world of Internet Marketing.

We want to change how the world looks at marketing, make it a user-oriented process instead of a sale-oriented one.

What we believe in is simple.

We disagree with aggressive marketing techniques. We don’t think pushing your product too hard does you any good. Sure, you will make a sale or two but it won’t earn you the respect of your customers. This respect is what you need to survive in the long term.

With our relationship-oriented internet marketing strategies, we aim at boosting engagement with your customers.

We want your target audience to interact with you.

We help you get discovered by people who matter the most to your business.

Whether you are a rockstar or a chef or a motivational speaker, we will do wonders for you.

We don’t sell you. We create a market need for you by promoting you through organic, white hat SEO methods.

We help people to get to know you, develop a relationship with your brand and become a paying customer.

What makes us the best SEO Company?

Before we answer the question, we want to ask you one too.

What makes businesses fail?

Why do great ideas with more than enough capital come crashing down?

The reason why businesses fail is a careless or amateur marketing strategy that yields no revenue results.

A lot of companies believe that advertising is enough. Wrong. It isn’t.

Unfortunately, advertising has become a thing of past.

Think about it. Who are you making the advertisements for?

With paid video subscription services, more and more people are ditching television. YouTube, Netflix, has unofficially taken over.

So, even if you are advertising, it’s essentially and primarily for the web world.

We have nothing against billboards and flyers or media advertising but if you want to succeed, you need to up your game.

The web world or the internet is rather big and with the advent of numerous social media platforms and increasing monopoly of Google as a search engine, you need to consider internet marketing.

This is where we jump in.

Here’s the truth: We are good. Nope, not blowing our own horn. But we are really good.

We are the kind of SEO agency that you’d want to do business for the rest of your life.

We don’t have a strict client-vendor culture at SEO Corporation. We believe long-term relationships with people you do business with are more important.

It’s a matter of brotherhood.

We are extremely professional but we are also bros and our passion for innovative forms of marketing and design is what brings us together.

Here’s what makes us the best:

1.No Secret Sauce

A lot of companies will tell you that their SEO Process is highly confidential. But we like to be a bit open and transparent with what we do.

We disclose our best and proven strategies during the contractual discussions and help you understand how can you make the most out of internet marketing through tactical planning.

We are not at all secretive and believe that it’s always best to stay on the same page. This is why we communicate really well and ensure that everything is 100% clear before we begin working on your website.

2.Transparent Reporting Structure

We have a very simple and transparent reporting structure. We send reports every Friday and every fourth Friday of the month.

As far as communicating with clients is considered, we do it regularly. You can call us anytime, drop a message or just drop in for a coffee!

We respond pretty fast and have a client relationship team available to handle client concerns.

3.Short Term Contracts

We love it when people like our work and culture so much that they decide to stay with us for long. But we don’t force anyone to stay with us and make  no contractual obligations either.

Although, there’s a rare chance that you’d wanna leave. But if you don’t get what you were promised, you can leave anytime.

There won’t be any hidden fees, no contract break charges, no extra contract annulment fee, etc.

We promise results from the first 30 days but to ensure consistent rankings and traffic, we usually recommend the contract duration of 6 months. But if you want it shorter, we’d be happy to oblige.

4.Best Price in the Industry

There is something about us that our bros love. We don’t overcharge.

We don’t care how complicated the process is. Our pitch is simple. Look around, get as many quotes as you want. We are sure you will come back to us because we actually offer the best rate for digital marketing services in the entire industry.

5.95% Client Retention Rate

7 years back, we started operations from a small living room.

Our clients from 7 years back are still with us. We don’t even have to send new proposals or reminders. Our bros trust our services so much that they renew the services on their own. The fact that 95% of our clients choose to stay with us is something we are incredibly proud of.

Once you use our services, see the results and the way we work, we are sure you’ll choose to stick around too.

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